I’m Robert. I'm a filmmaker who is inspired by romance… and what's more romantic than two people in love, sharing their wedding day with friends and family?


Some couples don’t think they need a wedding video because they already have a photographer and many of their friends and family members will be taking pictures and video as well. You may be thinking that a filmmaker is just another expense and that they'll be bothering your guests by having a camera in their faces during the ceremony and reception. Or, maybe you've sat through friends' videos and winced at the bad music, long-winded speeches, and never ending run time.

But then, you watch one of my films. And then another. You find yourself tearing up over vows given by couples you've never even met. You can feel the love and excitement they share as they prepare for their big day, see each other for the first time, and have their first dance as Man and Wife. You start to get excited about starring in a movie that's all about you and your wedding day. Incorporating a filmmaker into your budget and inviting me to be a part of your big day is something you will not regret! There is nothing that can compare to reliving the most important day of your life.